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3 Ways To Create Wedding"WOW Factor"

Are you one of those people that like those shows on Netflix where they interview murderers? You know, the ones where they tell their stories and then try to guess how they became who they are?

Yeah, I'm not. 🤣 Honestly, those shows kinda freak me out. 😳

BUT I do love a good biography show!

Something that not a ton of people know about me, is that I'm a little bit of a science/ phycology geek. I TOTALLY geek out on TED talks about the latest in neuroscience, and I love a good book on how to decipher the tells of a liar. SOOOO interesting.

If you were to ask me why, I'd tell you it's because I LOVE getting an inside look into how people work.

The unexpected side effect of learning about why people think the way they do, is that I've learned a thing or two about what it takes to create the illustrious "WOW factor" for people.

I'm talking about those goosebump moments...those completely unforgettable, jaw dropping 😱, "I can't focus on anything else", "I'll remember this for a lifetime" moments.

With the help of a little geeky science, I know what it takes to build a WOW Factor experience like this. 😉

Of course, when it comes to weddings, there are inevitably amazing moments as you watch two people declare their everlasting love. 💕But what about the rest of the experience? Most people will tell you they would prefer their ENTIRE wedding seem fun and magical. I mean, I would!

Thankfully, there are a few easy principles to get that Wow Factor that always work like a charm, and you can use these too.

#1 Cohesiveness is key.

Think about Disneyland. When you go there, literally every detail has been orchestrated to make you feel like you're in a specific time, place, movie, etc. The music playing in the background fits, the food is on theme, the buildings are all designed to look like they were taken straight out of whatever Disney fantasy you happen to be walking through. EVERYTHING fits together to create one experience...or one theme.

To make your wedding feel like one big magical experience, you want to make sure that ALL the details go together. Use the same fonts on all your written elements, use the same colors throughout the flowers, decor, and other details, and choose music that fits the vibe of your theme.

Make it so all your senses are pointing you towards the same theme, and you and your guests won't help but feel lost in the magic of the moment. It's science! 😉

#2 Include something unexpected

Have you ever been driving and then noticed someone walking down the street wearing ALL SEQUINS?!

Yeah, well I have, and I haven't forgotten. 🤣

Nothing will make people stop in their tracks and pay attention faster than something out of the ordinary.

While you might not want to get too crazy, throwing in an element on your wedding day that isn't expected will create a moment where all the focus will be👇🏼right there. It's so easy for everyone to be distracted these days. Help them put their phones down.

Make it easy for people to live in the moment by giving them something to focus on.

Create a WOW factor moment by trying something like:

  • A unique bridal entrance (motorcycle, hot air balloon, horse, etc.).

  • An interactive element (a food truck for cocktail hour, a photo area with Polaroid cameras for guests, a florist putting together flower halos for guests at the reception).

(Or add a giant wreath swing that can be used as the ultimate Photo Booth! (This happens to be one of our newest event rentals this year. See it here if you like. 😊)

#3 Get people involved

Something really great about weddings is that generally everyone there is excited to see what's happening. The even COOLER part is, that given the chance, they're more than happy to join in whatever festivities you have planned.

People love feeling included, am I right?!👍🏼

Give your guests a chance to live in the wedding magic with you. Create a special experience that gets them in action, and they'll never forget how much fun your wedding was.


  • Have a lantern lighting. (Outdoors, pass out paper lanterns to your guests. Light them all at the same time and let them fill the sky. ALWAYS a gorgeous moment, not to mention photo op 😉.)

  • Build your own s'mores bar. (Set up all the s'mores ingredients on a pretty bar, include a fire pit or two (outdoors or table top), and allow guests to mingle as they build their own treats.)

Not sure how to create that WOW factor for your own wedding?

No prob. I gotchu.😉

Coming next month, an easy step by step guide to planning your stunning wedding from dream →reality.

All your answers in ONE simple formula.

Be sure to check out The Wow Factor Formula Mini Course, and get on that waitlist!


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