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What's In A Name? Top 5 Unique Place Cards Of 2017

This year we're all about creating customized pieces on the most individual level, and what's the most individual thing you can create?...well someone's name of course!

One of the easiest ways to make guests feel like you truly value their presence is by adorning their place settings with custom named place cards.

We decided we wanted to make these feel as authentic as possible, so we worked with Diane Lim, from Chalk-a-talk to hand letter each one of the names we featured at the event pictured above. We then programmed them, laser cut them out, and painted them gold for the final touch. A lot of work? Maybe so...but definitely worth it.

If this particular look isn't up your alley, but you LOVE the idea, here are a few other ways to get in the "name game" right now.


1. Agates

2. Marble Tiles

3. Watercolor

4. Laser cut wood

5. Leaves

For more on how we can create your own personal place cards, don't hesitate to contact us here! We love to make something personalized and special for each event.

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Top photo credits:

Design, Name Place cards, Centerpiece, Invitation design // Couture Ever After

Linens, Dinnerware, Glassware // Ray Event and Tent Rental

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