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Chic + Citrus Styled Event // 4 Epic Custom Designs

What is essential for a summer event? Freshness and fun. This is why we decided this elegant summer affair needed several fun, one of a kind, custom designs that made it completely unforgettable.

We were so excited to be a part of designing this year's Polo on the Plains fundraiser benefiting Kidscope. Not only was the event for an amazing cause, but it also allowed for our favorite kinds of projects...large factor type designs.

Here are 4 custom designs and decor pieces that we put together to create this citrus themed chic event....


1. The Circle Bar with our Greenery Chandelier

Introducing Wichita's original Circle Bar. We created this beauty to be the center showcase of this event, and hopefully many more to come.

Building this 14 ft in diameter piece was quite the task, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It's made of 4 sections that fit together on site, and is meant to be set up in a full circle with 2 gaps that split it in half for entering and exiting the center of the bar.

The greenery garland that Lilies Floral Shop added to the bottom of it was one of my favorite details from this design. To completely tie it all together, they also helped us deck out our 2 level octagon chandeliers using more of the same garland above. Stunning right?

I'm so excited to rent these out together and see it adorned with all kinds of trims and florals in the future.

Here is a little behind the scenes of getting it ready for action.


2. Custom Hand-Painted Signage

It is my belief that custom signage always sets the tone for a special over the top event. I love hand creating all of these elements from scratch. I think these signs make this theme feel so much more special than anything you could have printed.

Here are few of my favorites...


3. The Large Geometric Sculpture

Creating this large scale sculpture took a lot of math, more PVC pipes than I can count, and a ton of gold spray paint. At the end of the day though, this beauty was worth every single calculated piece.

I started by sketching the design, then creating a small scale prototype out of straws. After getting to a final design I liked, I simply measured the pieces and scaled it up for our large scale build.

Here is a little behind the scenes of our build...


4. Custom Lemon Crop Top and Skirt + Couture Hat

Of course I needed a custom lemon outfit for this citrus themed event! What else would be more perfect, right?!

Thank goodness for Alicia from Vanya's Designs, and her talent for taking a vision from your head and turning it into reality.

She truly nailed it with this custom outfit.

Being that this was literally the hottest, most windy day of my life, it was really fantastic to wear something that was cool, comfortable, and fun.

To top off this look, I felt I absolutely needed a custom hat, and an epic braid.

For the hat I simply hand painted it for a simple yet elegant look, and for the braid...I turned to none other than the amazing Lesley Selvidge from House of Hepburn.

She created a Game of Thrones inspired braid that actually consisted of about 7 braids for this look.

Overall, I have to say this event was one of the most fun to create. Getting the opportunity to put together this citrus theme was such a different and new challenge. If you know me...then you know that is exactly what I love.

Are you looking for help designing an unforgettable and stunning event?

If so, let me help you make it amazing either through our design & planning services, or our specialty rental props!

For more information on how to rent the pieces mentioned here, or help designing your wedding or special event, please reach out to us!

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Photoshoot photos // Darrin Hackney

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