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5 Key Must Haves for an Absolutely Stunning Rustic Wedding

We all love a beautiful rustic wedding. Since I am a firm believer that many times, the magic is in taking things up a notch...I created this next level rustic wedding design including everything from horses to floral rope swings for the bride who wants nothing short of magical.

If you, or someone you know is one of those brides, lean in....

Here are the 5 must haves to creating this new rustic wedding look starting with an incredible video by Nick Miller Films of how they all fit together.

Here are 5 must haves for a rustic themed wedding that no one will forget.


1. Unforgettable wedding backdrop

The centerpiece of any wedding is the altar, or wedding backdrop.

I believe that this piece should be epic, without overshadowing the beauty of you and your beloved.

For this look we featured our rent-able Circle Altar that we hand built from varied kinds of wood. (The rustic pieces were actually part of a back deck from the house I grew up in. There are lots of good memories connected to these pieces of wood.)

To highlight the Circle Altar, we also hand created this 40 foot long garland made of many kinds of greens. The eucalyptus smelled amazing in the summer heat, and draped in such a pretty way across the circle.

To really make a statement, we suspended our laser cut wording, "You were always the one", within our circle frame. To me, this creates such amazing photos. Not only is it a modern take on an effortless rustic wedding, but the statement is powerful and beautiful at the same time.

I'm so excited to rent these out together and see it adorned with all kinds of trims and florals in the future.


2. DROP DEAD Table settings

This table design makes my heart go pitter patter.

All of the elements come together for a romantic, yet effortless look. I think the rustic wood table and chairs from Action Tents and Party Rental fit perfectly in this upscale pole barn. These heirloom style napkins create a vintage look combined with our custom made rent-able mercury glass bud vases and antique lanterns. To top off the look, we used touches of gold and crystal for a more than elegant feel.

Want to know the best part?? Believe it or not, the majority of this tablescape is actually disposable! SHHHHH.... This is what makes this rustic must have so special. Beautiful, and user friendly.


3. A dip dyed custom dress.

Creating this dip dyed look on Vanya Designs's custom dress was such a fun process. Though It isn't as simple as actually dip dying the bottom of the gown, I had a lot of fun creating this special color for this rustic theme.

In order to achieve this ombre look, I used a series of airbrushing techniques on the varied fabrics to get that faded fairytale feel.

To top off the amazing unique quality, the lace top had a delicate drape that accentuated the easy breezy feel of the whole look. It was breathtaking all together.

Also, can we talk about this epic floral braid by House of Hepburn, and elegant smokey eye by Backstage Makeup Studio!? This definitely contributed to the breathtaking effect.

I don't know about you, but I definitely think I need a reason to wear this at some point.


4. Multi Shade Flowers

It is my belief that when creating a rustic themed wedding you should always mix shades of florals together to get that "I just threw this together, but in the most amazing way possible" look.

When styling these flowers I chose some gorgeous peach David Austin roses, pink and ivory lisianthus, peach stock, and pale pink spray roses.

Arranging them in our rent-able antique gold mercury glass bud vases created the ultimate undone, yet on purpose look.


4. Unforgettable rustic elements that scream, "I am one with the prairie".

Nothing completes a rustic theme like a horse or two.

Our elegant bride truly was one with nature as she rode bare back into the sunset with her groom at her side. I can't explain to you the jaw dropping beauty of this setting. I am in love with the look of this custom dress draping down the side of the white horse with her effortless braid tossing in the wind... of course who could forget her handsome groom leading the way.


5. AND of course, a custom floral swing for two.

Nothing says "rustic wedding" like a beautiful custom made swing for two hanging in a pole barn! Although that statement doesn't sound most definitely was.

I loved creating this swing for these two to enjoy together. It was fun, and whimsical in the way rustic weddings should be. We lined the ropes with baby's breath and wildflowers to make it feel extra special.


Are you looking for help designing an unforgettable and stunning event?

If so, let me help you make it amazing either through our design & planning services, or our specialty rental props!

For more information on how to rent the pieces mentioned here, or help designing your wedding or special event, please reach out to us!

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Photography // Katie DelaCruz

Event Design and Concept, Custom Decor (Circle Wedding Backdrop & Greenery Garland, Centerpieces, Tablescape, Floral Swing, Custom Dip Dye Dress, Flowers)

Wooden Chairs & Table // Action Tents and Party Rental

Gold Chivari Chairs // Bowman and Company

Bridal Dress // Vanya Designs

Bride // Brooke Hilbert

Groom // Daniel Ramirez

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