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Mercury Glass Vases 

Hand made antique gold vases

  • Variety of sizes available

  • Groups of 5 in a variation make the most stunning centerpieces

Antique Glass Lanterns

Elegant glass make a room glow

  • Large and medium sizes available

  • Perfect set in pairs with candles and floral or greenery

Clear Glass Vases

Create a minimalistic yet unbelievably elegant look with these vases in a variety of sizes.

  • 5 varieties of shapes and sizes make a great presentation when mixed together

Edison Bulb Lamps

LED lighting with a modern yet retro feel. 

  • Battery operated

  • Can be set with our custom rectangle lanterns, or golden spirals (as shown in photos)

  • Topped with floral or greenery these are always gorgeous

Floating Stars

Perfect for Starry Night themes or Patriotic themes. 

  • White 14" round base with multiple floating stars in different sizes and heights.

  • Great with candles, or flowers

Pomander/ Candle Stands

3 tiered stands that can take your decor from standard to luxury

  • White 14" round base with 3 multi-level stands

  • Fantastic to set pomander flower balls, floral arrangements, vases, candles, etc.

Circle Centerpieces

Circle self standing rings can create an elegant modern vibe.

  • LED lighting available for the interior.

  • Battery operated

  • Added rose gold mirrors for the front and back face can create a retro look

  • Available in white, or pink


The details complete the picture. Adorn your tables with centerpieces that really stand out.

For rental information, please contact us here!

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