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The Wedding Planning Secret to Success That You Need to Know.

Couture Ever After Natural Bride Outdoor Wedding Reception

Getting engaged is so exciting, right?! Telling your family, calling your closest friends to tell them the good news is unbelievably exciting. I'd go as far as to say its one of most fun things that happens immediately after saying "YES!". But after everyone has screamed of joy, and are done jumping around...the inevitable pressures of putting together the dream day you've always wanted start popping up.

Many brides to be begin asking themselves, "ok...what do I do first?" or more importantly...

"What do I want?".

Firstly, if this is you, don't feel bad if you just don't know yet! It's been my experience that the majority of brides have no clue what they want their big wedding day to look like before needing to plan it. Though they may have dreamed of their dress, and imagined walking down the aisle towards that special someone, most brides don't know what all the other details look like...and this is the most common reason the wedding planning process can feel overwhelming.

As I'm sure you're aware, there are a million and a half (or more like infinite) options of flowers, favors, venues, linens, invitations, decorations, etc. This begs the question...

How are you supposed to decide what you want with so many choices?

But the more important question is... How are you supposed to enjoy the wedding planning process when planning just feels like a series of endless choices? It seems like there are hundreds of vendors who are screaming for your attention at bridal shows, and an endless stream of vendors on all the big online directories. Choosing what you actually want to pay attention to out of all of that can be very difficult! No one wants to worry about choosing the right ideas, designs, and vendors. After all, this isn't your everyday kind of celebration. This is your wedding!

Wedding planning should be a time where you can enjoy every piece of putting the big event together. On whatever level of involvement you want to have, you should be able to look forward to planning milestones like menu tastings with caterers, selecting your invitations, cake tastings, and of course finding THE DRESS! You deserve a fun and stress free engagement experience, and we use a little planning secret to do just that.

What I am saying is, there is a tried and true design secret to insuring that you create an unforgettable and exciting wedding experience, and that all begins with thinking like a designer.

A designer always takes into account the effect of the entire design. They want all the sights, sounds, tastes, and feels of the design to work together to make something amazing and unforgettable. The way this translates into planning a wedding would be to choose all the details and vendors of your wedding to coordinate together to create one cohesive design.

So this is the #1 secret to creating the wedding you want with an enjoyable engagement.

Decide what the look of the whole event or wedding day will be before you do ANYTHING.

You can do this in many ways, but one of the easiest ways is to create a Pinterest board that only includes ideas and pictures that fit into the look or feel that you decide on. This will become your road map for all the choices you will make. Make it specific enough that in the end your Pinterest board looks like it has a theme to it overall. Everything from the wardrobes of the wedding party down to the smallest details like the fonts on your invitations will be tied back to the wedding look and colors you've chosen. This way you no longer need to stress over an overwhelming sea of choices. Because what you want is so much clearer, and it's harder to get distracted by all the choices that you in reality you don't want. This creates a much more fun experience and in the end turns into a much more memorable event. When all the details of an event (the sights, sounds, tastes, and feels) go together, it will feel if you and your guests have been transported directly into the mood, theme or wedding look you've chosen. Who doesn't want that?!

Remember, it's all about knowing what you want before you start. This is why at Couture Ever After we have developed a special system of helping brides figure this out, as well as actually get the wedding they're envisioning. We understand that this piece is crucial, and this is why we're out to help!

For more on how we do this and how we can help you, click here to check out our

8 specialized Couture Styles here, and book your complimentary consultation with us to find out how we can help you create your couture wedding day.

Couture Ever After Romantic Bride Wedding Reception


Natural Couture Style Photo:

Wedding Design and Decor by Couture Ever After

Golden Dinnerware and linens by Rays Event Rental

Bridal Bouquet by Stems Floral

Romantic Couture Style Photo:

Wedding Design and Decor by Couture Ever After

Photography by Tim Davis Photography

Bridal Bouquet by Stems Floral

Lighting by Le Luci Lighting

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