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Create your wedding theme using 1 amazing photo.

Every bride has the ability to create their own dream day even if they are less creative, AND EVEN IF they're working with a smaller budget $$$.

I know that is true because I've seen it work time and time again using my Designer Planning Formula with some of my brides.

Recently, I helped a bride create her own dream day (a vintage theme with bold colors) on a $10,000 budget by showing her how to use the formula.

She came to me because she knew what she wanted her day to feel like... and she could also envision what it would look like...

BUT she wasn't sure how to bring it to life as a whole picture.

She wasn't sure which wedding elements to choose to make it all come together the way she wanted. When she started using the formula to build her wedding roadmap, she knew exactly what to choose so that ultimately all her choices turned into a designer looking, cohesive wedding day experience.

Here's just how simple getting her started was...

Step 1 She started by picking a single photo she loved (the one below), and showed her how to draw from it all the important theme factors.

  1. The Vibe - Romantic, Dark, and Cozy

  2. The Colors - Naturals (Ivory and Wood Tones) with Rich Rusts, Reds, and Greens

  3. The Textures - Raw, Handmade, or Vintage

  4. Theme Name - Vintage Love Story (Central inspiration - Handwritten Love Notes (similar to the photo)

Step 2 Now that she had the main outline of her theme, automatically she had a much more clear direction of what to do, and what to choose. This first step alone eliminates unneeded choices that can easily distract from what you really want to create.

Because in reality too many choices = one stressed out bride.

More on this in my next blog. The art of narrowing down to your ideal wedding choices is important to learn. This is the key to a low-stress, awesome planning experience. ;)


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