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What Wedding Planners Aren't Telling You.

I see you beautiful engaged couples out in love, so excited that soon your "forever" will begin together. (sigh) Let me be the first to say, congratulations, and that I too am 100% excited for you. This is the reason that I am going to do the best a pro wedding planner can do to give you the real real behind wedding planning.

I believe you deserve to know what I know... what most people outside the industry don't know... so that you can have the most seamless and FUN experience planning your big day. Planning can be unbelievably overwhelming and stressful with so many options and opinions. I sure wish I had someone to take my hand and tell me the secrets behind creating a spectacular wedding event. I wish I had someone to tell me the secrets like how to save money, how to pick the best vendors, how to know what you need and what you don't...just generally how to navigate all the organization behind wedding day bliss. (Be sure to check out the video below...;) ) friends...let me introduce myself. I am Nicole Wolf, your wedding planner guide with the truth behind wedding planning at the True I Do. I have been designing and planning weddings and special events for 5 years through my business Couture Ever After, though I've worked as a designer in the fashion industry, and interior design industry for close to 15. Creating one of a kind and showstopping beauty is my specialty.

You may be wondering, what could she possibly have to tell us that would make such a difference? Well if you've delved into planning at all yet, then you know that there are so many pieces to this wedding day pie, that there are how-tos and more importantly, what NOT to-dos all over the place. These are things that you can't possibly know by reading a great article on the hot wedding blogs, or even sometimes by hiring a day of coordinator. Some of these things you just learn by putting together wedding after wedding, and some of these things you know because they are insider secrets we vendors just don't openly talk about.

Because I think you deserve to have the best planning experience, and because I want you to have the wedding you're dreaming of...I want to give you all the ammo I can to help you get that. From here on out, the Couture Ever After blog will now be allllll about The True I Do.

Here is a bit more about the journey that I hope to begin with you, and the secrets I'll be sharing.

Are you in? If so, let me know in the comments below what you're most concerned about in wedding planning. I want to be sure we get all the juicy details included you need. ;)

Gorgeous photo of myself and bride by Katie Carlson.


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