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Wedding Colors of 2018

We are well into the year 2018 in the bridal world. Gowns and bridesmaids dresses are being created and fitted for brides and bridesmaids around the globe. By now we should be able to accurately tell you the colors of the season. The problem is, this is a wild year. Brides are stepping away from tradition and shaking things up. While, we will share some of their shocking secrets, be prepared. This is an anything goes year.

1. Anything but white

Traditional brides are opting for ivory, cream, and champagne and staying away from white. They have already weighed in on the trending colors and they have taken what they wanted, and left the rest for another bride.

2. Colors that run deep - The Black Tie event

The elegant bride for 2018 is opting for beautiful black wedding gowns. She may opt for navy blue (which is the new black) for some settings. She is using a contrasting color for shoes, arm warmers (split at the elbow), and wide belts.

Bridesmaids for this wedding are wearing wine (or royal purple) mauve, and blush.

3. Trendy Brides

The trend-setting brides are wearing gowns made of very light sage, blush, or gunmetal blue. She may also wear pale coral and accent with forest green and black.

Metals are hot this year. Many weddings are going completely metallic. Copper, steel, rust, silver, gold, and rose gold are showing up on many of the wedding shops. The metal look is right from the Paris runways and brides are reaching for it.

4. Style and cut, please

The style is very soft, and feminine. The empire waist is holding its ground this year and it is emphasized with a wide ribbon belt. The high-low hemline is a must have for bridesmaids this year, as well as the ultra-mini dress.

We are still seeing brides and bridesmaids in sleeves, mock sleeves, and arm warmers. Cap sleeves are stunning with the understated colors of the year. Mock collars are being worn, but the plunging back is coming back around.

5. Frills and lace

While a silhouette gown is still very popular, you will see sharp turn later this year in brides wearing a body fitting top (or even a corset) with full skirts of tiers, ruffles, and lace made of chiffon. This style gown will flutter with any movement and brings a fairytale look to the affair.

6. Flowers

The colors of the year are being laced through huge, oversized bouquets. The brides are carrying a lot of greenery. Blooms are fully opened, and they match the smaller blooms wrapped around her head in her floral halo. Trains are being attached to the back of the halo for a draped look that sweeps the aisle behind her.


As we mentioned earlier, the bride of 2018 is making her own statement. She is not a slave to fashion. She wears what she likes. This explains why you will see the occasional bride if deep red, or diamond white. She may wear tiers of daring and very sheer lace with underwear of bright colors. She may walk in 5-inch heels or go barefoot. Take a look at her Honeyfund. This is a great honeymoon registry for the couple who are game for anything. This is a fun year to be a bride, and we can hardly wait to see what happens next.

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