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Great Gatsby Themed Party // Freedom Through Fashion benefiting ICT SOS

There ain't no party like a Gatsby party...or well, at least there isn't one as grand!

As you can imagine, this involved all the tried and true elements you'd expect from a party that's done up in true CEA style. There was crystal chandeliers, sparkling linens, romantic ambiance, bubbling champagne, feathers, flowers, and everything that you can think of in between. As event designers, this was too much fun, since in this type of style...more is more!

We were thrilled to be asked to design the entire evening for Freedom through Fashion this year, which benefited a local organization called ICT SOS. The goal was to raise money specifically to help victims of human trafficking in the Wichita area. Since not only was this a cause we truly wanted to support, and the theme was immediately one of our favorites, we instantly took on the project.

To make this event something no one would forget, we had two initial thoughts...

1. We should create a massive floor to ceiling chandelier


2. We definitely need a 6 foot tall specialty Hollywood marquee sign that says


It's these two elements that we started from scratch in constructing, and then filled in the gaps with all the fun sparkly elements. Through this process, we brought the whole experience together.

Let me show you all the fun details.

The Tinsel Chandelier

It was made with massive amounts of hand applied silver tinsel, and a custom built wooden frame made of 5 separate octagons.

This baby was a lot of fun to create. Here is how it started, and a bit on how it got built. It all started with a plan and a sketch...

The LOVE ICT Hollywood Lights

Because we wanted these letters to have a special feel, we decided to create them with a font that isn't usual to these types of lights. What's great about this particular font is that not only does it have enough of that old school Gatsby feel to be great for this theme, but it also works great for those more current and trendy events.

Here is a little behind the scenes of us creating this unique party element. From computer programming, to CNC routing, to eventually airbrushing...they were 100% worth the time and effort making them.