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Couture Ever After Bridal Show 2017

We had such a great time debuting many of our newest rental pieces at the Wichita Bridal Expo. I couldn't believe the amazing response we had, and all the truly fantastic brides we met. If it is any indication of how fun this year will be with all these gorgeous weddings, I am more than excited.

We designed our booth to reflect two of our most popular designer themes for 2017, Vintage Rustic, and Bohemian. Because we believe that brides deserve weddings that have that magical wow factor, we created several specialty pieces to give them just that. Not only do these pieces fit perfectly with these two popular wedding looks, but they're easy to personalize and make each wedding it's own kind of beautiful.

Watch this short video for an inside look of how it all came together!

Introducing our new Circle Altar // Wedding Backdrop.

Handmade with reclaimed wood, this wedding backdrop is truly the epitome of Vintage Rustic. We loved the look this made with fresh blush flowers and greenery by Free State Wedding Design for the show, though it can easily be transformed using any kind of florals.

Here is a little behind the scenes making of the circle, backdrop,

and laser cut letters...

All the extra work we did in seeing that the accent boards were different in sizes and colors was worth it. This circle definitely has character, and therefore, in my opinion, can easily be a perfect choice for a Vintage Rustic themed wedding. After all, it's partially made from my childhood home that had recently been partially rebuilt (see the darker pieces of wood).

The Circle Altar was amazing to create, but what really makes it shine is our hand-painted backdrop. To give any ceremony that artistic natural romantic feel, I created these with a

watercolor painting look. Blending together shades of mauve, pink, and burgundy, this art piece definitely makes a statement. I love that it almost looks like a smoke bomb...but in a glamorous way!

After gallons of paint, several rollers, and hours galore, these beauties came together even better than planned. I think overall, the cherry on top was by far our custom made laser cut wording that is meant to hang inside the circle.

Creating the words was no small task since we definitely wanted to use actual handwriting to create a really authentic feel. To do this, we partnered with Diane Lim, from Chalk-a-talk to hand letter our quote for us.

Taking them from paper and pen, to full fledged laser cut gilded letters was amazing. After enhancing them digitally, and laser cutting them, I was more than ready to see them all done up together. Painting them gold was the moment when the wow factor set in.

Now we're off to create the next event experience with new specialty rentals!

Are you looking for specialty backdrops and/or a custom altar for your wedding?

For more information on how to rent these pieces for your wedding or special event, please reach out to us here!

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Video credits:

Linens, Dinnerware, Glassware // Ray Event and Tent Rental

Crystal Chandelier // Le Luci Event Lighting

Cake // Cameo Cakes

Bohemian macrame runner // Liv + Work

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