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DIY Couture // Silk Bouquet Ribbons

You want a bridal statement worthy of a magazine editorial? Well let me introduce you to the bouquet adornment that's literally making waves throughout weddings everywhere lately...

Silk Bouquet Ribbons.

What makes this effect so beautiful is the variety of light fabrics (generally all in one color) that flow all together at different lengths.

Many versions I've seen involve silk gauzes, silk dupioni, silk charmeuse, silk georgette, and of course silk chiffon.

The key here is that the ribbons have to be 100% silk in order to really get the right flowy effect.

There are many versions of this out there right now, and you can buy them ready made in an assortment of fabrics and trendy colors from several specialized companies online. Though there are plenty of beautiful options, most of these ribbons run anywhere between $27-$72 PER RIBBON to wrap your bouquet!!! As you can imagine, this makes a full set at least $108!

This is why I'm excited to offer you 2 options for getting this look that are both a bit more cost effective while still being just as beautiful.

1. DIY Instructions so that if you're a crafty type, you can build your own.

2. The option to get your ready-made silk ribbon set handmade for you

by Couture Ever After for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

For those looking to delve into the making process, let's get to it, and here is your step by step guide...

1. Gather your supplies.

  • At least 2 types of 100% silk fabric 3 yards- 5 yards in length (we used 3 yards)

  • Fabric scissors

  • Floral tape

  • Floral pins

2. Measure out widths for 4 different ribbons.

  • To begin, remove the selvage of the fabric by making a small cut and then tearing it off. (The selvage is the edge of the fabric that looks like it has been machine finished. It won't be pretty to keep this part on your ribbon.) Because this is 100% silk, the tear will be nice and straight. It will also create a slight fray edge that will be really fantastic.

  • To create your set of 4 ribbons, create 2 ribbons from one fabric, and 2 ribbons from the other. These are the widths that you will need (4", 3", 2.5", 1.5"). It does not matter which fabrics you cut in which widths. All that matters is that you have a variation in widths and a variation in fabrics.

  • Next you want to measure out these widths along the edge of the fabric that is parallel with the selvage (or where the selvage was). Make small cuts at these widths, and then tear the full length like you did when you removed the selvage.

3. Prep your ribbons

Be sure to iron or steam your ribbons so that they look their best after handling. Also, cut away all the loose strings from tearing. Now on to the wrapping!

4. Wrap your bouquet.

  • Begin by wrapping your bouquet stems with either floral tape or a generic ribbon. This is to tightly secure all the stems together, as well as protect your silk ribbons from moisture. Start towards the bottom of the bouquet, and work your way up the stems. Be sure to leave at least a few inches on the bottom to let the stems show. This wrapping will be covered by your ribbons, so don't worry too much about making it perfect.

  • Use a floral pin (or two) to keep the ribbon from budging at the top of your wrap

  • Now to add your silk ribbons. First gather all your ribbons together by laying them flat on the floor. Because you want the lengths of your ribbons to look varied once tied, now is the time to lay them unevenly (so the ends do not align) in a stack.

  • Next decide what will be the center of your ribbon stack, and place it underneath your bouquet stems.

  • Begin wrapping the ribbon stack around the stems while insuring that you cover all of the previous stem wrapping by using a cross over method. We wrapped and crossed over twice. Because the ribbon stack is wide, you won’t need to wrap many times.

  • When you get to the top, tie it like you're prepping to tie a bow. Stick another floral pin in the tie to secure it.

  • Now finish tying the bow, and then separate out the individual ribbons in the loops to make the bow feel fuller.

Not sure you're up for the full DIY? No worries, I've got you taken care of. As I mentioned earlier, we're here to help by providing you with ready-made silk ribbon sets for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Now in the Couture Ever After shop in select colors. Click the link below for more.

For more DIY Couture, inspiration, and all things event design,

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