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5 key ways butterflies are going to be a big wedding trend.

If you've had your head in magazines, movies, and the runways, you're seeing subtle butterflies pop up up EVERYWHERE this last year or so. No longer are butterflies a fashion faux pas. They are chic, and they are making magic on everything from Jim Hjelm gowns to our beloved Louboutins.

This is why we're going to see these beautiful little creatures begin to make their debut in weddings more and more.

So in celebration of their return, here are...

5 key ways we're going to see butterflies in weddings.

Editorial Couture by Fashion Gone Rogue, by Kimberly Gordon


#1 Bridal Gowns and Dresses

Subtle butterfly touches make a statement without being too loud or kitschy. Love the elegance of these examples by Valentino, Jim Hjelm and Kate'L.


#2 Green, Blue, Yellow Butterflies

These more earthy colors are really taking over as the go to choice for butterflies right now. This trend makes butterflies feel less fairy-tale and more realistic. We're calling this fresh look, the organic butterfly. :)

Check out this awesome Natural bouquet made with greenery and artificial butterflies by Clearcuts below. Gorgeous and down to earth.

Butterflies in this recent collection are...

"A dedication to the freedom of flight", says the designer. They can be worn in an informal context, such as a party or a wedding in the middle of nature.

- Anna Molinari of Blumarine and designer of Bluegirl


#3 Shoes

Get ready to see those pretty wings all over shoes, and especially pretty little heels. I'm simply in love with the recent collections by Sophia Webster and the way she designs with butterflies in unexpected beautiful ways. Don't these baby butterfly shoes just make you ache with their cuteness??!

And of course, how could we ever leave #3 without talking about the famous Louboutins...

This video on how Christian Louboutin made the Cinderella butterfly heels has me awestruck.


#4 Hair Accessories

Sometimes it's the littlest details that complete the picture. Loving how delicate these hair pins are from Mis Clemmie. All the bridal accessories on this site are stunning, but these are a bit more magical than the rest.

A perfect finishing touch for this bridal party's braids...


#5 Wedding Day Decor

Don't these little creatures make some beautiful backdrops, cakes, and centerpieces. Check out these ideas.

Made with the original edible butterflies from Sugar Robot. Elegant and still very realistic looking.

AND then this centerpiece stunner. Clever and whimsical. Modern yet super fun. Love this custom event by Jose Graterol.

I'd love to know your thoughts, and if this trend is your love.

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