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The #1 Key to Having an Unforgettable Wedding.

Almost everyone's been to a wedding that will stick out in their memory forever.

You may have been a bridesmaid, a family member of the lucky couple, or even just a friendly guest, but it holds a space in your memories as something special. Most likely it was an amazingly beautiful event...but I'm guessing that that's not what you remember most.

What made it such a memorable experience?

Photo by Darrin Hackney; Floral by Stems Floral

I'm willing to bet it's because the experience made you FEEL like time stopped, and you were transported completely into a magical moment. "Feel" is the key word. Unforgettable experiences always revolve around strong feelings.

Of course the love and devotion of the bride and groom is enough to make the day unbelievably special, but there is a way to make the experience even more fun, beautiful, and exquisite... while at the same time taking out the stress. It is simply done by engineering the whole wedding day experience to be an all immersive event.

All immersive magical experience = An experience in which all the sights, sounds, tastes, and feels are designed to come together to create a specific mood, theme, or look, there by creating an experience that makes it's participants feel transported into that particular mood theme or look in a way that seems magical and unforgettable.

Now, you may not remember ALL the beautiful details of the one extraordinary wedding, BUT whether you knew it or not, it was the fact that ALL the details of that event cohesively went together to tell one beautiful story is what made you remember it so well....It is why it made you FEEL like it was magical.

This is the tried and true formula for creating an unforgettable event.

And naturally this leads to the next big question...

How does one create an all immersive magical experience without the craziness and stress provoking planning of all the details?

It all comes down to giving brides access to all the details in one place.

Photo by Tim Davis Photography, Floral by Stems Floral

Through Couture Ever After, we can give brides the opportunity to build out their big day with unbelievable specialty decor and custom design elements that are already styled to go together.

We have created set designs including showstopping altars, unique floral arrangements, custom centerpieces, handmade linens,, and more for easy use...with designer styling included. This is a package of decor and designer paper goods that are ready to be customized for your special look. This is designer wedding design at your fingertips.

What we're really excited about are some of our newly designed decor pieces for rent such as our white trees (featured above). Recently we have used these for our Romantic Couture Styles package as an enchanted forest that can be used indoors or outdoors for a modern Cinderella feel.

Photo by Tim Davis Photography; Floral by Stems Floral

We have also created unique invitations, decor elements (such as the realistic vellum butterflies below), favors, signage, specialty lighting features, and photo booths.

Gone are the times when a bride and her loved ones need to go through the overwhelming experience of making sure all the elements of the wedding day are created and fit perfectly together. We have already done the hard work for you.

We have specially designed our decor to fit together in beautiful ways so that it can create an all immersive experience by simply picking a package, and choosing which pieces you want.

Our unique system of packages called Couture Styles are divided into 8 different personality types to make it easy for our brides to determine the style she is going for. Each Couture Style is different and consists of it's own specialty decor and design elements that go with it. The Couture Style can be bought as a whole with all the rental features and custom design elements, or as separate pieces.

This is wedding design without the fuss. Easy to make choices you love, and easy to put together personalized magical experiences

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