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DIY COUTURE // Custom Jacket Painting

Because you know I'm all about designing every detail for all the feels, I thought it was about time to start creating these personalized jackets for brides, and stylish girls alike!

Whether it's your wedding, birthday, or just a fun Friday night, every girl wants to wear an outfit with pride that speaks to who she is. I say, why not be blunt about it, and state it right on your back.

Introducing our latest project, custom jacket painting!

Though I've been personalizing these beauties for brides with my hand lettered, hand painted artwork, I've also developed a way to help you create your own! That is why I've partnered with Liv + Work to host a workshop to teach all you DIY lovers out there a simplified way of creating your own.

No worries, if you'd like to leave up to an artist though! I'm happy to continue designing and creating custom requests for those who enjoying wearing fashion rather than making it.

Here's a bit more of how this works... I started with this great vegan leather jacket from Al Mostrati Boutique, and a few painting supplies.


  • Acrylic paint

  • Several types of detail brushes

  • Water

  • Prepared designs (for inspiration, or otherwise!)

  • Chalk

  • Ruler

  • Some freehand practice, and time!

Here is another version I recently did that took the design up a notch a bit.

I'm really excited to continue to expand into flowers and all kinds of artwork. Stay posted for more designs! Also, if you're like me and NEEEEEEEEED one of these jackets, then be sure to reserve your spot for our upcoming jacket painting workshop!

Reserve your spot to learn and create your own jacket on

September, 7, 2017 at 5:30pm

co-hosted with

at their studio 515 East Douglas Avenue, Wichita, KS, 67202


I'll be sharing more about designing, and putting together

new custom jackets on our

Facebook and Instagram. Join us!

Photography // Darrin Hackney

Dress // Dress Gallery

Bride // Adaira Prout

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