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Merry Christmas // A Couture Winter Wedding

Although spring and summer weddings have traditionally been the most popular, I'm now a firm believer that winter weddings could possibly be even more romantic. This December we put together a one of a kind Winter Wedding Couture Style to prove this very point.

Warm light, hand drawn artwork, rustic woods and greenery make this look especially cozy.

Building the set was a ton of fun since it wasn't just going to be used for a wedding altar, but also as a photo booth for Life Church Wichita. Since they go all out on their Christmas decor (see the cabin photos below as well), this couldn't have been more fun. Also, watching families take their photos in front of the altar/photo booth was the greatest Christmas gift of all time.

Here's a little inside look to building it and how it all turned out!

Drawing the chalk art was possibly one of the most fun pieces to this set. It took me about 2 hours, but it was well worth it. I'm now itching to design more backdrops using the same technique. Who knows?! Maybe an Easter one?

For this look I thought we MUST do a winter version of a flower crown. A few grape vine branches, cedar pine, and some simple florals made her hair truly pop with this look.

I also wanted to do a different spin on the bouquet. Not only did the twine tied white roses, cedar pine, and greenery really highlight the set, but it was unique and smelled amazing!

Because we kept the colors very neutral overall for this look, we felt this was a great time to add a red lip! Sheona, at Backstage Makeup Studio, chose this vibrant shade that couldn't have been more perfect.

And last but not least, we had a little fun on the indoor cabin set that Life Church built alongside our altar/photo booth. This is as rustic Christmas as it gets!

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Photography/ Videography // Darrin Hackney

Dresses // Dress Gallery

Set Design, Bridal Bouquet, Flower Crown, Hair // Couture Ever After

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