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The Masterclass Doors are Open!
Plan your wedding in 8 weeks with me here... ;)
Copy of Copy of How to Choose Your Venue


effortlessly plan a

WOW factor wedding

without the stress...

in 8 weeks.

Learn the formula...

Imagine if wedding planning could be like this for you...
Your wedding looks like it's straight off of Pinterest.
You DON'T FEEL OVERWHELMED as you sift through choices. You know the "RIGHT"choices for you.
You DON'T STRESS OUT because you feel uncertain of how it will all come together. You KNOW exactly what it will be.
Your wedding feels seamless, lux, one of a kind, creative, and incredibly fun for your and your guests.
You save $$$ thousands of dollars $$$ that you would have spent on a planner, but still get the same gorgeous, seamless event!
You spent LESS THAN HALF THE TIME creating your special day than most brides. Planned in 8 weeks!
This IS possible without a planner,
but only if you know the right steps.
Get that here.
Designer Planning Formula
Here is what to expect in the
The Designer Planning Formula
Effortlessly Plan a Wow Factor Wedding
  • 5 steps taught throughout 8 weeks via video, with downloadable guides, checklists, and easy to follow diagrams containing the step by step formula.
  • Membership to a private Facebook group for support, questions, and pro tips
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The Designer Planning Formula


Establishing your

Key Pieces


- Learn how to avoid the #1 mistake most brides make. Nail down THE MOST important details to make

decisions a breeze, and create

an overall cohesive look. 


Create your

Personal Wedding Style Roadmap

-Step by Step guide of how

to create the wedding look and experience you dream of. Learn how to easily choose and put together a cohesive design. Layout all the elements needed to create a wedding that is perfectly you, and perfectly gorgeous.


Plan your Wedding Day


-Learn to quickly plan out all the components you'll need to source, buy, or book by using my "walk through" method. Easily create a one document master plan that will make booking vendors and scheduling details SO simple, and SO fast.


Bring it to Life

-With your master plan in hand, learn the steps to

bringing it to life by booking vendors, and scheduling

details. Know what to look out for, the MUST INCLUDES,

and who to choose for your big day.


Prepare the Logistics & DIYs

-Build out all the necessary guides, lists, and layouts you'll need to insure a seamless, low-stress wedding day. Complete your master timeline, and schedule your DIY projects with your helper team.

You don't need a wedding planner in order to create your dream experience.
Save the expense of a planner and spend it on your big day!
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$3, 500.00 - $10,000.00

The average cost of hiring a full service Wedding Planner in the USA, in 2020

(Depending on location and in-demand planner experience, according to The Association of Bridal Consultants)


Your  possible reality 

A complete step by step formula

of "how-to" create your own creative lux wedding



(Secrets, Tips, and Insider Industry knowledge included.)

That's a savings of SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

Imagine what you could do with the extra wedding funds.

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