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3 New Ways To Get The Vintage Rustic Wedding Style.

Somethings are just tried and true. The Vintage Couture Style is definitely one of those things. Many versions of this style have been the popular go-to looks of the past few years. This has led to huge fans, and tired out wedding lovers. So the question becomes...what next? Will this trend last?

I am here to tell you that it will.

The Vintage Couture Style is here to's just had a mini face lift.

Gone are the days when burlap and mason jars abound. Here are the three top new trends that will make this style fresh and new.

1. Lace! (…and it's not your grandma's lace...)

Hello lace everything! We love the resurgence of lace lately, especially the new way it's popping up on dresses. This trend is leaning towards laces that aren't necessarily your traditional looks. Last week on the runways of Bridal Fashion Week in NYC, we saw laces that looked more like delicate artwork than your ready-made patterns. Lace sleeves, peek-a-boos, and unexpected patterns are the way to go with this trend.

2. Silk Ribbons

Being from the heartland, I always expect wind...and thank goodness with this trend! One of the most glamorous ways to add that extra something to bridal bouquets is adding hand tied silk ribbons that will flow in the wind as you walk down the aisle. Who wouldn't love that seemingly effortless dramatic effect.

3. Real Calligraphy

I'm not talking about the old fashioned kind of calligraphy with more swoops and flourishes than you can count...I mean modern scripts that clearly have that special hand drawn feel. Some of the invitations, event signage, and place cards I've seen lately are simply breathtaking with this trend. Not only does it make your guests feel special since you've taken the extra effort to hand create their invitations or specialty place card, but it makes your entire event feel more authentic and personalized. If you're looking for the extra wow factor, hiring a modern calligrapher to create some of your wedding paper goods is the way to go.

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Cover Photo:

Dress // Dress Gallery

Flowers // Stems Floral

Design & Photo // Couture Ever After

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