5 Natural Themed Wedding Elements That Are Winning Right Now.

September 26, 2016

Are you easy going, a lover of simplicity, a fan of natural beauty, and a nature girl? (or at least you like indoor plants...)


Well then you might be a Natural Couture Bride

And these hot new trends might be the perfect fit for your perfect wedding.


Let's talk about 5 of the most amazing natural bride wedding trends of the moment.


1. Stunning Natural Scenery


Whether it's the Grand Canyon, the redwoods, or just your Grandma's backyard, nature is where it's at right now for wedding ceremonies. Some of the most amazing and effortless seeming photos are just you and your beloved enveloped in breathtaking trees. Here is what I mean...



2. Organically Designed Rings


What would this list be if we didn't talk about some of the gorgeous "twig" inspired engagement rings out there right now. To me, these are timeless, and beautiful in a way that makes them seem more like art than just pretty rings. Yellow gold, white, platinum, or even colored stones... the rules go out the window with this look. 





3. Hair Accessories


You've probably seen some of those amazing braided hair styles out there right now in fashion, and weddings...but let's be honest...what really takes an effortless hairstyle up a notch is the accessory. Whether you opt for a floral halo of fresh flowers, or an organically styled crown. This accessory is the perfect way to make a natural bride's look.





4. Natural Greenery, Floral, and Wood Decor


This look is proving that you don't have to get overly complicated with decor in order to make a statement. I love that most of this is just greenery or wood, and yet the impact is simply stunning. There are so many ways that you can create this that there is always a way to put your personal stamp on it. Bring the outside in, or create your very own framed altar piece. The options are endless.


5. Invitations


When putting together any wedding look, invitations are key. They are the first look into the feel of your special day. You can go simple, or extravagant with the natural theme, but working in elements like wood, leaves, recycled paper, and raw twine will lock in the feel that you're going for. Regardless of materials, modern scripts mixed with simple fonts are the way to go.














For more on the Natural Couture Theme, and how we can create this wedding look for you, book a complimentary consultation with me here.


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Natural Bride Photo at top //by Tim Davis Photography

Dress //  Dress Gallery





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